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Innovative Drone Projects Elevate Aerial Photography and 3D Terrain Mapping

As part of our strategic growth, SigmaCorps Solutions is actively working to expand our customer portfolio beyond federal agencies to include state and local governments. This expansion aims to bring our expertise in drone technology to a wider range of public sector projects, enhancing local capabilities in areas like land surveying, public safety, and environmental protection. Our commitment to innovation and quality positions us as a valuable partner for state and local governments seeking to leverage drone technology for improved decision-making and resource management. We look forward to collaborating with new clients to transform their operational landscape through our advanced aerial solutions.

Our ongoing projects leverage cutting-edge drones equipped with high-resolution cameras and laser scanning technology to capture detailed images and produce precise 3D models of various landscapes. By integrating laser scanning through LiDAR technology, we can scan and map terrain within cm accuracy, creating comprehensive 3D terrain maps and models. These projects are instrumental in applications such as urban planning, disaster management, environmental monitoring, and infrastructure development.


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